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The New Fall Tradition: Stein Hoisting

Flannels, football, and Florida State: three classic reflections of fall that never seem to lose their tradition. For whatever reason, us Tallahassee folks just can't get enough of those beer-filled Saturdays when the smell of juicy tailgate recipes grilling in our backyards and the sounds of passionate football fans fanatically crying out the war chant permeate the city. Recently, however, one keen individual noticed that something significant was missing from our autumn daydreams... But what could it be?? A little competition, of course.

Every year, beer enthusiasts nationwide test their strength and stamina by taking part in what has become an annual fall tradition… Stein Hoisting Competitions! In order to pay respects to the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Bavaria (the birthplace of the 200-year-old Oktoberfest), competitors earn the opportunity to feel the eternal burn in the ultimate test of arm and shoulder strength. This competition requires hoisting a one-liter glass stein filled to the brim with the nectar of the gods (beer, of course). But here's the catch: hoisters must hold the stein with a straight arm for as long as possible, and one sip, spill, or bend of the arm means you're out! An odd contest for sure, but one perfect for welcoming the unofficial beginning of fall.
So, are you stein studs ready to hoist? Time to break out your favorite pair of Lederhosen, step up to the plate, and feel the burn, because what better way to get in the spirit of the season than by joining us on Saturday, September 19th, to compete in our 2nd annual Stein Hoisting Social. Cost is free and we will do this right before buses take off for Brewfest.
First place male and female win a $50 Madison Social giftcard. Want in? Email