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Monthly Challenge

The Monthly Challenge is a Madison Social staple that started back in October of 2014. Every month we develop seven new drinks; everything from a specialty cocktail to a shot and beer or seltzer. Each month, the drinks are designed with a different theme and are paired with a shirt design that you earn that month.

To complete the challenge and earn the shirt, you must purchase all seven drinks by the last day of the month. In the event you complete the challenge and we do not have any shirts remaining, please follow the instructions on the back side of the challenge card to request your shirt and we will follow up with pick up instructions

If you are not able to come in to the restaurant to complete the challenge we have created a way for you to still get the challenge shirt. If you head to, you can purchase your challenge shirt there.

This Month:

From June 1st through the 30th you can complete the "Sea, Swims, Salted Rims" challenge and receive the shirt shown below.

The process is easy:

  1. Download & print the passport or grab one in house
  2. Enjoy all options between June 1st and 30th
  3. Be sure to have our staff stamp your passport after each completed drink
  4. Hand the completed card to your server or bartender and receive a free special edition "Sea, Swims, Salted Rims" shirt

Get Your Passport

Fill out the following form to begin your passport download: