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New Brunch Menu

Four score and seven years ago, Breakfast and Lunch got together, made a love child and named it Brunch. They then entrusted Madison Social to raise their little Brunch baby to be the perfect mid-morning to late afternoon weekend meal.

After months of R&D, we have debuted a brand new brunch menu that is damn-near perfection. If garlic-parmesan herb tots and charred jalapeño cheddar fondue doesn’t get your mouth watering, we’re not sure what will.

Here’s what we added:

Hot Totty- herb-parmesan tossed tater tots, shredded short rib, charred jalapeño cheddar fondue, Sriracha drizzle, scallions

Avocado Toast- multi-grain toast, mashed avocado, sea salt, sliced grape tomato, roasted garlic-lemon arugula

The Gouda, The Bowl, & the Eggy- sauteed red onion, kale, spinach, smoked gouda scrambled eggs, sliced avocado and Sriracha swirl, multi-grain toast


The Stack- hot cocoa pancakes with a honey marshmallow butter, stay tuned for next month’s signature pancake flavor

The Bradley’s Club- griddled Bradley’s sausage, scrambled egg with peppers and onions, cheddar cheese, belgian waffle bun

And because brunch without alcohol is just a late breakfast, we’ve addedone new brunch Sociable.

Rooster Crows- Proof La La Land IPA, fresh lime, amber agave, Sriracha, half salt rim


Here’s what we changed:

Guinness Glazed Chicken and Waffles are now Spiced Honey Chicken & Waffles with buttermilk fried chicken, sharp cheddar-herb waffle, spiced local honey drizzle and maple-pepper bacon crumbs

The Steak Benedict is now the Pork Belly Benny with twin poached eggs, mashed avocado, crispy thick cut pork belly, smoked paprika hollandaise on a grilled English muffin


However to make room for these amazing new menu items, we had to make some tough decisions about what items had to come off. Here are the items that didn’t make the cut:

The Social Lite

The Madame

The Breakfast Salad

Brunch Bites

Fancy Toast

So come out and try our new dishes or continue to enjoy your old favorites, at brunch every Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm.