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Madison Social Shuttle Service

We have this catering vehicle that is SUPER helpful when it comes to moving employees and food to different venues, but it isn't used 365 days of the year. After talking it over and talking to some of our customers we launched a "shuttle service" that is 100% free. The process is simple:

1. Email with a date, time, and number of people. We can pick up 10 people comfortably.

2. At 11:30 or 12PM we will come by your office and pick you up.

3. Once in, we can have you circle what you want on a menu or just have good old conversation. The menu selection process will certainly expedite your order but depending on your location you may want to wait and order when you come to the restaurant. Let's face it, no one wants to get back to the office too quickly. You want to be social.

4. When you arrive, waters will be ready at the table and we will get your order in.

5. Van swings back around and picks you up to head back to the office (booooo). Don't worry, we have mints:)

It is that simple. If you want to give it a try, shoot us an email.