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3 Coffee Cocktails to Get You Going in the Morning

We have given the phrase "coffee bar" a whole new meaning. So, if that Friday or Saturday night has you moving a little sluggish in the morning here are thee coffee cocktails that will wake you up and get you going.

The Maple Awakening

In a 16oz pint glass filled with ice, combine 1.5oz of maple bourbon, 4oz of Lucky Goat Cold Brew Concentrate and 2oz of milk. Shake and pour contents into 16oz glass.

The Irish Awakening

Pour 3oz of Lucky Goat Cold Brew Concentrate into a 16oz pint glass. Fill rest of glass with Guinness Irish Stout.

Lucky Cabra

In a 16oz pint glass with a salted rim, combine 1.5oz of Dirty Tequila (the cinnamon and pineapple infused variety, not that gross stuff that's been in your liquor cabinet since 2004), 1oz Creme de Cacao and 3oz of Lucky Goat Cold Brew Concentrate.

If any of these sound like the G.O.A.T. for coffee cocktails then you will want to join us this weekend and pick up one of our Socially G.O.A.T. pint glasses. Order a Maple Awakening or Lucky Cabra for $15 or Irish Awakening for $10 and keep the glass.