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We Matter


Greetings, my name is MyQueal Lewis (Instagram: myqueal) and I'm currently a student at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. I'm now entering my fourth year as a senior and will be graduating with a B.S in Social Work next summer. Aside from being a student, I'm a creative director who works on various things such as painting murals, editing videos, and graphic design. I'm the founder of Queality Productions (Instagram: quealityproductions) where I post most of my content.

Being a creative director always has me in the zone to create and go beyond my own limits. So, when I got the opportunity to create a design to be on the t-shirt I was excited. Most of my excitement derived from the opportunity to create something that will not just matter to me but to others as well. I wanted to create something that could almost be a timestamp, especially during these recent events. I also want people to wear a message and to be motivated to push through these difficult times.

Within this artwork, I wanted to capture what most people are seeing when they look on social media or check the news. From COVID-19 shifting the world to an unfamiliar way of living and black people protesting that we've had enough with all the police brutality. We are not just some lives that can be just taken and no one can be held responsible. So, as we can see people are very aware of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing and wearing masks, we are screaming to the world "WE MATTER" during this crazy pandemic shows that are willing to risk our lives to save many and the future. That's why you see a guy with his fist to the sky and holding his mask with his megaphone.