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So many people in Tallahassee have asked about how you can help donate to people on the front lines-- from first responders to grocery store workers to the hospitality industry that have suddenly lost their jobs. Well, here is your chance.

A community-lead initiative has started for this purpose with all donations going to serving meals for the people that need it most. Think of it as a way to pay-it-forward, but instead of buying a coffee for the person behind you in line, you’re providing a much-needed meal for those first responders.

Those organizations with front-line workers can place orders for to-go meals with different participating restaurants. These orders would be paid by your donations to also provide much needed assistance to our local restaurants. Every $10 is a hot meal for someone. By changing the quantity above, you can donate as much as you like (for example, quantity five is a $50 donation).

Please note- not every meal will be from Madison Social. The goal is to use this money to "spread the wealth" to many local restaurants.

Please give what you can. Thank you for everything you do to make our community better.