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Social Runners

Join us every week for our Social Runners group.

Running should be rewarded with a drink. Obviously. That's where Social Runners comes in. Every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Social Runners will give you a free drink just for running. Here's how it works:

  • Buy your Social Runners dri-fit shirt. Men Click Here | Women Click Here
  • Wear your shirt and go for a run on Thursday, Saturday and/or Sunday. You choose your route.
  • After your run come to that day's location with your shirt on and redeem your free drink during select time
  • Bask in the glory of your run with that free drink.

Here is the Social Runners schedule:

  • Thursday @ Centrale | 4 - 10pm: free drink from Happy Hour menu
  • Saturday @ Township | 10am - 4pm: free half liter OJ and Champagne Stein-Mosa
  • Sunday @ Madison Social | 10am - 4pm: free mimosa carafe

If you would like to plan a group run, you can post in the Social Runners Facebook Group and plan one. We will post some cool routes in the group, but you can run whatever route you would like each day. We trust you.