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Fabien A. Lovett Jr. was born February 28th, 2021. At 27 weeks weighing 2lbs. and 10oz. he spent his first 3 months of life in the hospital, which was a frightening and heart-breaking time for us as young parents. It deeply saddened our hearts to see him encounter the intensive care he needed from ventilators to help him breathe. Being overwhelmed and distressed after hearing bad news constantly, we both knew that prayer would get us through our toughest times. Only a few weeks old Fabien Jr. completed his first Cardiac Catheterization surgery of his PDA, which was to stop the flow of blood that was pushing into his lungs from his heart. A few months later he then underwent surgery for Retinopathy of Prematurity, he had laser treatment to stop the growth of blood vessels that would cause blindness from retinal detachment in his later years. In addition to his surgeries, he recently had one for the placement of his GI Tube. A study showed that he has been aspirating due to his type 1 Laryngeal Cleft, and will no longer be able to eat through his mouth only through his stomach.

Our son has gone through a great deal before the age of 1, and it amazes us that his smile is so infectious. Despite his ongoing health conditions such as: oxygen support, Chronic Lung Disease, and having an enlarged Atrium, we are so proud to be his parents. By us being college students, and having a child who has precise medical needs it is rough; this journey has taught us to grow not only as parents but as people. We have been through many different scares of losing our child, our only goal is to provide the best life we can for him. We would like to greatly thank everyone that has supported our family, it warms our heart to have people that genuinely care.