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Why No Copper Mugs MadSo?

Every once and a while on social media we get asked about our Madison Mule and why it isn’t served in a traditional copper mug. We definitely got asked this question a lot during March when we featured mule cocktails for the monthly challenge.

The answer is we wish we could but there are two main reasons:

  1. Theft
  2. Cost of the mugs

We serve over 2,000 Madison Mules per month and at that volume it is impossible to have enough copper mugs to go around. On top of that, the cost of copper mugs isn’t cheap. The Tito’s Vodka copper mugs cost at best $12 per mug and that is the featured spirit in the Madison Mule.

Certainly we could look at taking a license and/or deposit feature but given the volume we do on a Friday and Saturday night, that process isn’t necessarily sustainable. It would make for an unpleasant experience all around and experience is something we take seriously.

Hope that gives a little insight as to why we do not use a copper mug. We have discussed maybe featuring the mugs on certain days, but- given other priorities- we have held off.

Thanks for the questions…send more if you have them:)