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The 7 Stages of Completing the Monthly Challenge

By now most people know about our monthly challenge; complete a series of creative and unique libations and receive one of our highly coveted tee shirts. People come in eagerly looking to find out what assortment of cocktails we have created for the month so they can taste the sweet victory of unrolling that shirt and putting it on right away. So we have put together the seven stages every Madison Social guest goes through when completing the monthly challenge.

Stage 1: The utter excitement of seeing the shirt design for the first time on twitter or instagram. You tag EVERYONE!


Stage 2: Calling/texting the entire squad to figure out when you can all meet up to begin the challenge.


Stage 3: Asking for the card and carefully reading all the drink names and wondering what they have in them and what they taste like and then you see one and you're like Ohhhhhhh, interesting.


Stage 4: Deciding which drink you want to start with. This is always the toughest decision.


Stage 5: That moment you take the first sip and realize you have found your new favorite beer or cocktail of all time (well, at least until next month anyways)


Stage 6: I. AM. FINISHED!


Stage 7: I have my shirt and now I must take a selfie with all my friends wearing my shirt.


Now go get to earning that shirt!