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Tallahassee Bucket List Redemption

Completed the Tallahassee Bucket List? Sweet, here's how you will redeem your shirt, pint glass, koozie and HH drink.

We are going to have two redemption days, Wednesday April 20 and Thursday April 28. Here is how it will work:

  1. While in line, you will be handed a half sheet of paper with all the bucket list items. Check off which items you completed.
  2. Take this half sheet of paper with your bucket (if you received one), receipts and pictures to one of our Tallahassee Bucket List team members. To make it easier for check-in, if your pictures are saved on your phone please have them all saved in one album.
  3. A Tallahassee Bucket List team member will verify all of your activities and sign your half sheet of paper. They will also refund your dollar if you returned your bucket.
  4. Take that half sheet of paper to the merchandise table and hand it to the Tallahassee Bucket List team member. Tell them your shirt/tank size. They will grab your shirt/tank and give you your pint glass, koozie and ticket for free drink from HH menu.
  5. Go enjoy your HH drink with the satisfaction you completed the Tallahassee Bucket List.

Stay tuned for Fall bucket list. A whole new list of items is coming.