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Orlando City- Capital City Ruckus

As some of you know, we have been showing all Orlando City matches and Sunday matches are shown with game sound. Our standard promotion for these matches has been if you wear any soccer attire, receive a free drink from our Happy Hour menu. This promotion will not change for the next couple weeks, but, eventually, it will move to wear your Capital City Ruckus shirt and receive a free drink from our Happy Hour menu.

Yep, we are going to fork over the money to start a Ruckus chapter right here in Tallahassee. If you are interested, the process is simple:

1. Email with your interest and shirt size.

2. From there, we will receive tee shirts and will sell them back at cost which is for your “membership.” The cost will be $25.

3. You do not pay the $25 until you receive the shirt. We are working with the Orlando City Ruckus on delivery date which will hopefully be in the next two-three weeks.

4. Each time you wear your Ruckus shirt for a match you will receive a free drink from the Happy Hour menu. Basically we will be replacing the current promotion of “wear any soccer jersey” and this will be an exclusive perk of being part of the Capital City Ruckus.

We hope this will turn into something larger and the chapter will support local charities, travel to games (maybe use the MadSo 15 person catering van), etc. We already have 30+ people on the list so this should be an excellent addition to Tallahassee!

Any questions, please let us know.